Are you Able to Hunt or Trap Texas Opossums? The Legalities Behind it All!

The Amarillo opossum can cause damages in your garden. They can also pillage our trash bin when hunting their food and will make our home look unsanitary. They may also carry parasites such as fleas and ticks. The pathogens that they will carry will also be detrimental to the health of the horses. While doing the removal process, you are probably wondering about the legal status of the opossum. Familiarizing yourself about the legalities will help you ensure that you will stay away from any legal repercussions.

Legal Control and Management of Opossum

Due to their varied eating habit, the Texas opossum will not require particular techniques on management. Additionally, there are trapping and hunting seasons designated for the opossums that are regulated by the DNR. The local residents will normally be allowed to trap an opossum without procuring a permit. After this, you will then have to release this outside your home or euthanize it. When killing the poor creature, you are not allowed to cause it any unnecessary suffering.

Trapping Opossum beyond Your Property

Remember that you are only allowed to trap opossum within 100 yards of your property. Beyond that point you will have to secure Depredation Permit. This type of permit will be issued by the State's DNR (Department of Natural Resources). In case you want to get the necessary permit, you should call the wildlife management center or the local enforcement office. You may visit the official site of the DNR for additional information.

Hunting and Trapping Season

The legal hunting Texas season will vary from different game zone. Be sure to check the local policy of the particular game zone for the season. For homeowners that are hunting opossums outside of this season, you will also have to carry Depredation Permit. Those who do not have hunting license should also have this kind of permit. When hunting the opossum, you are allowed to hunt them at night but you are not permitted to use artificial light. The ammunition should also not be bigger than the 22 rim-fire. Any devices that are used to amplify the light on the natural surrounding are still considered as an artificial light.

The legal trapping season will vary depending on the state. For instance, in South Carolina, the trapping season will start in December and will last up to March. In case you are private landowner and you want to capture the creature outside of the trapping season, depredation permit may be required especially since you do not have a trapping permit. The permit can be provided by the local conservation office.

If you find the process too complex and time-consuming, the best option is to hire the service of the Amarillo professionals. They carry the necessary permit that will guarantee you that they are staying in compliance with the existing policies and regulation. They will also follow the standard procedure which will ensure you that you will stay safe and there would be a minimum amount of damage to your property when they are performing the removal process.

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