Few Different Ways to Kill a Caged Amarillo Raccoon Humanely

Those who are in conflict with an Amarillo raccoon will need to find a solution to their problem. Perhaps you are afraid that the raccoon in your attic would be attacking your kids or pets. The more preferred solution is to trap it. After trapping the raccoon, there are states that allow you to deliver a quick death to the specie. However, killing the raccoon will require more effort and will not necessarily deliver a long-term solution to your problem.

Ways to Kill the Caged Raccoon Humanely

When looking for ways to kill the Texas caged raccoon, we do not recommend the use of firearms and rodenticide. The use of firearms is prohibited especially on densely populated area. Poison on the other hand contains chemicals that will be detrimental to your health.

Taking them to Your Vet

In Toronto, you are asked to bring the trapped Amarillo animal in the veterinarian's office to perform euthanasia. The raccoon will be given with a sedative first before the euthanasia drug will be administered. Sedatives can be in a form of tablet or injectables. The raccoon will then feel restful before the drug will be injected. The euthanasia drug may contain barbiturate that has the capacity to halt the beating of the heart and the muscles we used for respiration. This is a more humane method to take care of the raccoon. 

Unfortunately, due to the possible diseases that the Texas raccoons may carry, there are only few veterinarians who will accept this job. This will ultimately limit your choices when killing the raccoon using a humane manner. This is perhaps the reason why some people choose to use poison and firearms. Aside from the vet, you may also take the raccoon to your local wildlife services

CO2 Chamber

On the off chance that the Texas vet refused to perform euthanasia, you still have another option which is the use of the CO2 chamber. This is considered by different animal welfare group to be a humane method since the animal will simply pass out due to the limited amount of oxygen. The euthanasia chamber can be purchased in the market. Supplier of bottled gas and welding company can also provide you with tubing, flow meter, gas regulator and a CO2 Tank. Before starting, you need to ask the welding company to educate you about the existing laws that are related to the storage, handling, and transportation of the CO2 tank.

The population of the raccoon may not be alarmingly low. These urban animals have grown dependent to human which explains their presence in the city. They are clever, crafty, and persistent creature that may cause different troubles to human. Regardless, we advise you to be responsible after capturing them and do the sensible thing. Just like any other creature, they have a tendency to feel pain. If you have the option to use the humane method, we encourage you to do so. You can also find local help in case you want to resolve your raccoon infestation effectively.

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